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NBN Replacement Batteries

Throughout Australia, many homeowners and businesses rely on connectivity to the internet. Although plenty opt for ADSL, the reality is that this is widely regarded as the more primitive solution, especially when compared to the National Broadband Network’s features and advantages. One of them is the presence of the NBN battery – a unit that can be fitted within relevant devices to ensure connectivity to the internet via Wi-Fi in the case of power cuts or worse.

How Does an NBN Battery Work?

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Is there a difference between NBN and ADSL Connections?

Yes. The latter is fairly limited as far as connectivity speeds are concerned, with the former boasting a much more fluid level of responsiveness. Furthermore, ADSL relies on a connection to electricity at all times in order to remain functional; meaning that if this source is interrupted, the internet will go down. On the other hand, NBN-capable devices rely on electricity when it is available, before switching over to their backup power (the fitted battery) should an outage take place.

How does this NBN battery charge process work?

Within each battery-compatible device is an infrastructure that’s been developed to function in much the same way as a regular router or modem, albeit with an additional trick up its sleeve. Users can opt to have the battery leveraged in its entirety, maintaining connectivity at all times and until the pack runs out of energy (where it can be replaced). Alternatively, they can take advantage of electrical connectivity and then enjoy a backup solution should that source of power be interrupted.

How long will one NBN battery last?

If the battery is properly maintained and kept in a location free from direct sunlight and damp during use, it can last for between three and five years at full capacity.

Should you invest in a spare or NBN battery replacement?

It is advised by industry experts to always have at least one spare battery available within the premises – and kept close to the device for quick and easy installation should it be needed. Although the batteries are developed to ensure that they remain functional with minimal fuss; time, temperature and other factors can affect their performance. This is why a spare is recommended, simply to ensure that if the worst should happen and power loss is experienced; connectivity can be achieved by switching over to the new battery.

Where can you buy NBN batteries from?

Fortunately, these batteries are widely available online and from a range of reliable distributors. Their prices can vary from provider to provider, but a quick search should offer a range of results that can be chosen from with minimal fuss.