NBN Replacement Battery

What to Look For When Buying a New NBN Battery

Funded by the Federal Government and highly recommended by industry experts, the National Broadband Network offer an alternative solution to regular ADSL and cable users. Instead of internet connectivity that relies on electricity, NBN have made it an option to enjoy seamless access that can remain available should a power cut take place, or some other type of natural event that restricts the flow of power. They do this by utilising the power of an NBN replacement battery – a unit that can provide consistent access to a source of energy, or activate when an outage has been detected.

Is one NBN replacement battery enough?

As with all batteries, they will have an expiration and when looked after properly, this type could last for up to five years. What this means is that having access to a spare or a replacement when the time comes for a new one can be very important. With one, interruption to connectivity could be a minimal concern. Without one, the user may find themselves struggling to enjoy connection to the internet – and this could be disastrous for those experiencing a major incident, or anyone in a more remote part of Australia.

Buying a new NBN replacement battery

Thankfully, NBN replacement batteries are readily available online and in many brick-and-mortar stores around the country. Their prices can vary depending on the stockist, as well as their power and which model of device they are intended for; but generally speaking, they are affordable and ready for use straight out of the packaging.

When buying a new battery for replacement purposes, it’s very important to consider the following:

  • The reliability of the distributor
  • The price
  • The level of performance expected, as well as any guarantee provided by the retailer

A new and unused NBN battery should be able to remain in storage for many years – and the better the conditions for storage (such as in a dry and damp-free location), the longer they can last. But for those that prefer to maximise their investments; purchasing a fresh battery with a long expiry date when a previous one is due to be replaced can be the ideal option.

When evaluating the reliability of the company stocking and selling the battery; it’s important to note that some are recognised throughout Australia, while others may sell on a more personal level. The more assurances they can provide, the more appealing their services can be.

The price of an NBN replacement battery can vary as mentioned above, but a good value would be roughly $40, while this can stretch to up to $60. Any more than that and there should be a good reason. Lastly, the performance of the product can be gauged according to any dates featured on the packaging. If the battery is purchased for a low price because it’s about to go off, it may not even work – and this is why purchasing at strategic times every few years is the most recommended solution.